XP VEHICLES: Federal Agency Corruption Hits Home

XP VEHICLES: Federal Agency Corruption Hits Home



Once there was a company called XP VEHICLES ( see http://departmentofenergyoverwatch.wordpress.com/ ) They had created the fastest, lowest cost, safest, easiest to build, easiest to drive electric vehicles. They were asked by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to apply for the Advanced Technology Vehicle Manufacturing (ATVM) funding in order to roll their car out for high volume orders for consumers and the Department of Defense. Then this happened (told in bullet-point easy overview):





  • XP was originally promised its funding of $45M by Dec. 25, 2008 by DOE and Congressional staff, and told XP that all reviews had been completed. Solyndra failed in the most spectacular tech collapse in U.S. history, taking $600M of taxpayer dollars with it, following an FBI raid. So much for DOE’s “due diligence”. The only due diligence DOE staff seem to have performed was to diligently make certain that only Steven Chu’s business partners and campaign investors got the cash. The final results of that FBI raid have yet to be revealed. Solyndra and Tesla sit on the same land, and have the same financial connections


  • XP was featured in the New York Times, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, on NPR and in more positive media press than all other applicants combined at the time

  • XP hired hundreds of the best automotive engineers that Detroit had just laid off in the last auto industry collapse

  • DOE staff and their financiers at Kleiner, Google and Tesla are believed to have financed and coordinated tens of millions of dollars worth of media “hit-jobs”, and search engine rigging against XP because XP’s fuel cell technology threatened the lithium ion investments owned by Chu, Musk, Kleiner and Google-ites

  • XP has two types of vehicles: 1.) The CIA-B types of tactical disposable emergency air-drop rescue vehicles with inflatable membrane chassis for the Department of Defense and 2.) the MUV types of non-inflatable foam-alloy electric vehicles which are the longest range, lowest cost, easiest to build, lowest COGS, safest car designs in the world

  • XP has received multiple issued patents on its technology

  • In part of the rejection notice from Steven Chu, he stated that it was because according to him, XP “was not planning to use enough gasoline”. Which is kind of a funny thing to say about an electric car company

  • In another part of the rejection, Steven Chu stated that XP was “not planning on shipping enough cars”. History has now proven that XP EXACTLY anticipated how many electric cars would be sold in the allocated initial time-frame, as proven by all other car companies in the world from their, now available, historical market numbers. As with most of Tesla’s predictions (in its actual DOE paperwork), Tesla was off by over 1000% and XP was exactly right on its numbers. XP knew that new cars had a ramp-up period, apparently Chu had no clue

  • Campaign financiers who had nominated Steven Chu for his position at DOE and funded the Obama campaign, received the only funding from Chu. They were ALSO the same people who placed “moles” in XP to attempt to gather intelligence and disrupt the company

  • DOE staff stated that they would provide a two sentence written clarification to XP’s investors so that those investors would front the cash for a fee that Steven Chu wanted in order to allow XP into the program. The senior DOE manager refused to respond to XP’s fed-ex, emails, faxes and phone calls until a few hours after the deadline had passed to send in the money that Chu required. As the deadline passed, the DOE official immediately responded and sstated: “Ohhh, you missed the deadline, too late.” It was an intentional and contrived stonewalling attempt by DOE staff.

  • Tesla Motors told Scale VC that “If XP ever gets going, Tesla will cease to exist”

  • XP sued the Department of Energy, Steven Chu and Lachlan Seward (the DOE funding head) personally, for racketeering and corruption based on eye-witness experience, law enforcement evidence and reporter leaks. In one lawsuit, the first judge stated that they could not find a law that prevented the Department of Energy from engaging in corruption. This determination is often found to be very disturbing to most voters, and is thought to be typical of the kind of corruption prosecution avoidance that is driving outsiders like Trump and Sanders to the top of the Presidential campaigns. Follow-on lawsuits, demands for federal RICO charges and the demand for the provision of a Special Prosecutor by DOJ, continue. The story is far from over…




So that is how the U.S. Department of Energy works.