Epic Scandal May Derail 2016 Election Plans!


Epic Scandal May Derail 2016 Election Plans!



If you were a federal law enforcement agency, and you got a letter like this, what would you do?



How would your moral compass point as you weighed the contrast between orders, from on high, to continue a cover-up, against the very real potential that your job, reputation, pension and, possibly even your whole political world could go “poof” if you didn’t resolve the issue?



Our staff received this leaked document, sent to FTC officials, and wondered how the quandary might shake out. Take a look. What would you do?:





…Your office is aware of the organized crime case involving public officials, as covered in the 60 Minutes news segments titled: “The Cleantech Crash” and “The Lobbyists Playbook”; as well as the website: http://www.xpvehicles.com and thousands of other news publications and sites.

We were victims of these crimes, which were operated by state and federal officials using taxpayer resources. We were attacked, harassed, electronically targeted, subjected to media and income “hit-jobs” and interdicted, as documented in the reports noted above. A half a decade of investigations, by an extensive number of State, Federal, private, Congressional and news investigators has now proven the facts, the culprits and the damages.

What can your office do to recover our losses, protect us, end the cover-ups and prosecute those officials who engaged in these crimes? All of the facts of this case are now published globally, irrevocably, and will stand in the history books forever. How will you help us, and make your legacy a positive factor in the resolution of this matter? We are publishing, and archiving, all action, and inaction, by all relevant parties. This case has already had, and will continue to have, a dramatic result on the 2016 elections. Let’s get this resolved.



XP, FST, Bright, Aptera, Zap, EcoMotors, and the rest, had technologies which, history has proven, were lower cost, massively safer, longer running, cleaner, greener, more job creating, in greater demand by consumers and voters, easier to manufacture, U.S. patent awarded, federally and Congressionally commended, better for national security, more innovative and less toxic than the campaign financiers competing companies who got the taxpayer cash and favors. The non-crony’s technologies obsoleted the technologies that the corrupted crony Senators, and their Silicon Valley campaign financiers, held stock market positions in. So those political crony’s said: “Kill them!” . This resulted in actual, as well as figurative, deaths, bankruptcies, hired character assassinations and income interdictions that were ordered, and paid for, by public officials. The politicians, and their campaign crony’s, couldn’t compete; so they resorted to “hit-jobs” to take out their competitors.



History has proven the crony’s to have been disastrously wrong. They have gone bankrupt; been caught in tax fraud; had their kick-back funded products blow up and go through massive recalls; and become the butt of media jokes around the globe. They have cost taxpayers over a trillion dollars in losses. Dozens of the most famous names in Washington, DC have been forced to quit their jobs, mid term, in shame, because of their corrupt mismanagement of this scandal. Some have now been indicted. The criminality of the crony’s was overt, audacious and malicious.

What action will your office be taking to resolve this with us?


The Victims of the Cleantech Crash”