Millennial Generation rushes to embrace vasectomies as a “screw you” statement to the Bankers

Millennial Generation rushes to embrace vasectomies as a “screw you” statement to the Bankers



Millennial blogs are deeply invested in passing the word that “babies and white picket fences are a social engineering scam, by the Bankers, to get you mired in debt, and a slave to the Banks, for the rest of your life”, say the bloggers.



The Millennial generation is having the least number of babies, renting instead of buying, and having more fun without being chained to 18 years of sleepless, date-less nights for the raising of the next generation of bank fodder.



Modern vasectomies are quite easy, according to The Buck Institute. The man must shave his scrotum and take a pain pill and a valium 1.5 hours before, the process takes 30 minutes. The only pain is from the first shots from the local anesthetic. The man then puts frozen peas on his crotch, for two days, and puts a Ziplock 20 ounce container, with paper towels in it, over his genitals to form a watertight seal when taking the next 3 days of showers. After that, they are back to work 2 days later. Most people get their vasectomy on Friday and go to work on Monday and have sex 5, or so, days later.



Most insurance now covers the procedure and some cities have V-Day’s at clinics for high volume processing of patients.



Millennial women are opting for longer term, or permanent, birth control. The highly sexual lifestyles of Millennials, while making them prime voters for the highly sexual Hillary, Sanders or Trump candidates, also makes them more concerned about being saddled with a paternity suit. Millenials are, generally, poorer, overall, than their parents. For most, 30 minutes of medical procedure is worth it to offset a lifetime of regret and child support payments.



Craigslist is rife with women selling ways to trick men into getting stuck in paternity scams. The modern Millennial lives in fear of getting his meager salary sucked into oblivion…Literally!



The latest scam is called the “Rainbow Party Scam”. Hot girls approach men at a party and offer them oral sex. The men comply and the women receive the men’s climax in their mouth. From that moment, the sperm is alive for at least 15 minutes. The first girl goes around the corner to her accomplice girlfriend and blows her saliva into the waiting, fertile, woman, with a “pop tube” which the woman has under her dress.



They record the guy’s license plate, and contact info, and the other girl shows up 10 months later with a baby, a DNA test demand and a legal paper for child support payments. The woman always wins because, hey: DNA test. They pick a guy who has been drinking so that even he isn’t sure what happened. It is a deadly, and fool-proof scam that is increasing, nationwide, as the economy continues to falter.

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