ELON MUSK: As Untouchable as Al Capone?

ELON MUSK: As Untouchable as Al Capone?



Elon Musk can do no wrong. If you read all of the stories about him on the media outlets he controls, (ie: Google, Reddit, CNN, Huffington Post, Any Hearst publication, Media Matters, Think Progress, etc.) you would think, according to Elon Musk, that Elon Musk is God! He sounds good on the web because he spends unimaginable amounts of cash on self-promotion.



The fact is that Elon Musk is a bigger crime boss than Al Capone. He is a god, only, of corporate criminals, and nothing more. He does his crimes in broad daylight and he is protected by the very people who are supposed to jail people like him.



The U.S. attorney general, Eric Holder, and the Secretary of Energy: Steven Chu, were his business partners, his friends and the business partners of his investors. They were supposed to protect the American voters, yet they ran criminal level cover-ups to pad their own pockets and the pockets of their associates.



They were not about to arrest Musk. In fact, they handed Musk tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer cash, over and over, as a kickback for Musk and his friends funding campaigns.



The local cops are not about to arrest Musk because the federal cops tell them that is “not their jurisdiction”.



The California attorney general, Kamala Harris is a friend of Musk and all of Musk’s investors and got financed by them. She is not going to arrest him.



Maybe there could be a “Citizen’s Arrest” of Musk by a California Citizen. Gary D. Conley talked about that. Then he was found with a bullet in his head in the field behind Beale Air Force base in Northern California. He won’t be able to do that. A large number of other person’s, who had issues with Musk, turned up unexpectedly dead. That is a bit of a problem.



With unlimited state and federal kickback cash from the government treasuries, few actual expenses, protection from the White House, The FBI, The AG’s and more. Musk must be thinking he farts perfume, about now.



He has bribed Senators; he has bribed White House staff; he has bribed Agency heads and managers; he, and his partners, have run stock market scams and defrauded the public; Customers and whistle-blowers are dead because of him; he has been sued over and over for fraud; he has lied on his financial disclosures; he has toxified large expanses of land around his factories; he has engaged in verifiable, documented, deeply disturbing crimes. Yet he walks among us with impunity, hubris and arrogance.



He thumbs his nose at the law as he buys his next self-glorification ads on CNN and Reddit.



His strutting techno-peacock preaching and look-at-me noise-making is as embarrassing as it is obvious.



The White House can protect him until until the next election, but millions of people, around the globe, already know the most the most intimate details of his corruption and kick-back schemes. The unstoppable “Streisand Effect” guarantees that, by the time those 2016 elections arrive, EVERYBODY will know.


You can never kill a good scandal. Musk will spend his billions buying self hype articles on CNN and Colbert and HuffPo but he can never buy his way out of history.



History will mark him, for all of time, as a crook, scoundrel, and P.T. Barnum scam artist and expert bribery master.