Why Burning Man is a “Black-Free Zone”: Because it is the worst of Silicon Valley

Why Burning Man is a “Black-Free Zone”: Because it is the worst of Silicon Valley


          Arrogance, self-aggrandizing, Elon Musk and racism all go together like Silicon Valley and well, Silicon Valley.

          Burning Man is finally busted for what it is: A White Boy fantasy world of tits, cash and yuppie privilege

          No blacks at Burning Man because “Blacks Don’t Camp” say organizers. “Blacks don’t like it outside. It scares them” . KKK wants a huge tent there next year.

          Silicon Valley never hires Blacks or let’s them live them. Burning Man: Same Thing



Burning Man founder: ‘Black folks don’t like to camp as much as white folks’

Larry Harvey discusses lack of racial diversity and the allegation that Silicon Valley bosses in luxury camps are destroying the festival’s egalitarian ethos


Horrific Tragedy at Burning man 2016; Over 40,000 attendees infected with MAA


Thanks to the global connection and transparency afforded by global social media, the vast Playa in the Nevada desert was, in 2015, soon revealed, by observers, to be ground zero for one of the largest infections of MAA in recorded history.

The world is now in shock that so many young and naïve participants were struck down in their prime. Equally horrifying is the loss of so many senior members of the Burning Man society, who have been discovered to be the carriers of MAA.

MAA (Mutually Assisted Asshole-ism) is a terrible disease that was only thought to survive in Silicon Valley, Santa Monica and parts of Manhattan. Once afflicted, the weakened delusional state of the victims often brings on the secondary affliction of Repercussive MR (Massive Rationalization).

The giant Burning Man statue was discovered to, most likely, be Scientology’s Zenu. The entire Burning Man event was, essentially Scientology as Disneyland.

For all of the drug abuse, zen date rape, sexually exploitive costumes and cultish nonsense, nothing can top the participants willingness to rationalize that they are right and others are not cool enough to recognize their higher state of awareness.

The Burners will endlessly self-congratulate each other and go on TED talk, after TED talk to mutually glorify each of the others in their closed group of self glory. Burners hate those people who don’t recognize their personal wonderfulness. They are like a Texas banker going on about inter-racial marriage. Anybody who does not have “the look” and the reverence for the Rationalizations is a “hostile thinker” and must be shunned.

In the most twisted of Dichotomies, on the way to their “Empowered Women” workshop camp tent fireworks talk; Playa women offer sex and dress in “F*ck Me” outfits but scream when their pictures of sexual whoreish-ness are publicized. Take, for example, all these armies of women, on the Playa, letting strangers publicly squeeze their boobs:



Mr. Orr Tells more:

Vanessa L. Pinto

Whenever you hear about Burning Man, it’s often about the art, the peace, the spiritual enlightenment, and, most importantly, the freedom. Some burners, as the attendees like to be called, even feel as if that is their home and they can’t wait to get back to it every year.

This year, however, in addition to all the posts about how 2012 was the best burn ever, there was also a very different post entitled “Serial Rapist on the Playa.” It details the story of a 19-year-old girl who was strangled, drugged, and raped one night. According to the blog, which was written by the victim’s mother, who was also at Burning Man, she was found face down behind Emerald City. The people who found her assumed she had overdosed and took her to the medical tent. After being attached to an IV all night, they released her. Upon returning to her tent, the bruises that appeared made it clear she had been strangled and raped.

click to enlargeburningman460.jpg

Crime is rarely mentioned in conjunction with Burning Man, and neither is rape or assault. When the victim reported the assault on the playa, she was informed that Burning Man is not equipped with rape kits. If you are assaulted while at Burning Man and you want a rape kit, you have to travel to Reno. Joseph Pred, Burning Man’s Emergency Services Operations Chief confirmed, “Rape kits do not exist in Black Rock City. Forensic exams are incredibly complex issues that have to do with the court system and are not something that is really easily taken on. In Northern Nevada, there is only one facility that does that type of exam.”


Every summer, the annual tradition known as Burning Man rolls around, giving hippies, ”hipsters,” trust fund kids, rich white millennials, privileged “art school” kids, seasoned drug enthusiasts, old men who like flaunting their wrinkly sacks, and other walking clichés the opportunity to validate the world’s stereotype-based hatred of them. But every spring, a much more important time-honored tradition comes with it: The Trolling of the Burning Man.

After Burning Man organizers created the official Facebook invite (which boasts an impressive 40k “going” and 2.3k “maybe” responses), the trolls came out in full force. Within just a few hours, the page overflowed with a near-endlessly scrollable series of Grade A trollings. People wanted to know if they could wear their cage-free Tevahs to pre-natal yoga, they posted rumors about black metal performers on this year’s WWE stage, they tried to get leads on good illegal narcotics and were definitely not cops. This troll fire burned for days.

Are Burners easy targets? Sure. Were some of the jokes hacky? Yeah. Were a few of them super NSFW racist/homophobic memes? Yes. (This is the internet.) But all that aside, any large-scale disruption of the organization of Burning Man is a big ol’ notch in the win column. So for those heroes who took time out of their day to bravely hold an e-mirror up to the dust-covered dipshits who attend Burning Man, we salute you. See you at the CPAC booth this year, friends. We’ll be selling the baby-safe farm-to-table glow sticks.


First came the questions. A lot of these are covered in the official Burning Man FAQ and these people really should have checked first…


Then like any festival, some people just want to promote themselves and their #brands…

Then came the polls, which should serve as a useful resource for Burning Man’s organizers…

By this point, even Burning Man himself (yes, THE burning man) got in on it…


Then came the elusive double trolls…

Fortunately, this was a police-free thread…

Definitely meet up with this guy if you’re going to Burning Man…

Congrats to this lil’ Burner! We’re going to send him a bib that says “Baby’s First BM.” 

And then check out this sick burn on those stupid idio… wait, hang on.

Written by: Dan Ozzi