Drugs, Peer Pressure and Silence result in unlimited Sex at Burning Man, But at what cost to young girls?


Drugs, Peer Pressure and Silence result in unlimited Sex at Burning Man, But at what cost to young girls?


Hot looking young girls are conditioned by their social groups to show off their bodies and act sexual. They are made to feel like that is their value and they are given social rewards and “feel-good” expressions, by those around them, when they perform accordingly. Their creation as a tool for social objectification is reinforced by social media, selfies and public expressions. In an urban environment, at school, at the Mall; other social pressures make it end there.

If social reason and common public practice did not exist, there would be sex in the middle of all of the malls, high schools and sports events.

Young people, under 35, do not have fully developed brains, yet. Science and high resolution MRI technology has proven that none of them have all of their brain canters wired up until much later in life. They are easily influenced and seek safety in following-the-crowd.

Every parent has experienced the constant shock of young children walking straight into on-coming traffic for no apparent reason. Parents, and bystanders, are forever shocked that the kid would do such a deadly, self-destructive thing. “We could all see the traffic and it was ‘obvious’ that it was deadly, what’s wrong with that kid?” , everybody thinks. With a parental scream of terror, the child is usually plucked up, at the last minute, and dragged back to the sidewalk where the parent yells at them ferociously. Few parents realize that danger is something that children’s brains simply cannot recognize.

Young girls can never see the danger at Burning Man. They only see a guy with biceps through a mood drug induced haze, and that is all it takes. They lose their inhibitions, and parental training, at the drop of a bit of alcohol or weed. For young girls, their chemistry is on fire because they are programed to want to get pregnant and make more humans. The younger they are, the hornier they are, thanks to Oxytocin and other brain chemicals that push young girls into a subconscious desire to have sex in order to make babies.

In the ultimate case of throwing gasoline on fire, Burning Man globally invites all hot young girls to come to a desert, miles from any normal social venue.  They are asked to pretend that the world has ended and that they must breathe in their last moments of joy in post-apocalyptic hedonism. The venue is filled with drugs and booze and no parents. Everyone dresses for sex ,or they don’t dress at all.

It is almost impossible to find an attractive young woman, at Burning Man, who isn’t wearing a Mad Max sex mistress outfit. There is not a Macy’s section for these outfits, they have to be made. Who gives the instructions, ideas, and pressure to make, and wear, these kinds of outfits? Peers! The guys say: Yes, you must wear this, this and this. They even make the outfits. They disapprove outfits that are not sexual and they give out social up-rank points the more sexual the outfit is.

Everyone at Burning Man is pushing: “Don’t worry, it’s OK, we all do it, you don’t want to be left out, we will socially up-rank you if you do it…”

There are a huge number of postings, online, of men showing their collections of Playa photos of themselves squeezing women’s breasts in public on the Burning Man desert. Some have squeezed hundreds of women’s breasts and photo-documented it.  If you do that on the public street, you get arrested, if you do that at Burning man, you get applauded.

If each of these women stopped and thought about the fact that they were just part of a collection of women that this man was going to, one after the other, to squeeze their most intimate body part, how would they really feel? When they come home, after Burning Man, and their friends, family, parents and teachers confront them with page after page of women getting their breasts squeezed by some guy, and there they are, circled in red, just another tit in the cattle call, how will they feel in retrospect?

Peer Pressure has caused “normal people” to engage in murders, genocides and selfies… all horrific social crimes.

Few comprehend the true power of Peer Pressure. Under the age of 35, there is nothing more important than “being popular” and gaining social approval.

But..what if your immediate society is a twisted post-apocalyptic desert-scape created and inhabited by pervs?

With no sign of “normal society” in sight. They are taken. Months later, many of them find that an aching hole in their souls haunts them, but they can’t quite put their finger on it.

Are young girls being shipped off to Burning Man to get raped? Is the use of their unformed minds, and fully formed bodies, combined with drugs, booze and peer pressure, the taking of their self-respect without their awareness?