How The DNC might go bankrupt before the 2016 Elections!

How The DNC might go bankrupt before the 2016 Elections!

The news, this week, reveals that the Democrats are in dire financial trouble. How did that happen?

Let us take a look.

The GOP has always gotten their money from the same places for a very, very long time. It has usually been oil, steel and chemical company owners. They pass the campaign funding system on, from family to family, as one generation dies and moves the whole deal over to the kids. The campaign finance machine for the GOP is a stable, traditional, carefully tuned solution created over a hundred years of practice.

For a long time, the Democrats always got their money from the unions. They had a system that they had crafted over a long period of time, too.

Then, in 2007, something happened that might have led to the situation which could, literally, bankrupt the DNC.

The DNC made a deal with Silicon Valley billionaires to fund their campaigns via TARP and CleanTech kickbacks. When they did that, they never thought the GOP would not catch on until it was too late. They were wrong. They never thought that Snowden’s and Guccifer’s would show up. They never thought the hackers would start finding all (there are more) secret email servers.

Now, nobody wants to give the DNC any money.

Consumers realize that even the $5.00 ask gets them tracked, privacy abused, data-harvested, mood manipulated, NSA spied on, archived forever and targeted, as we now learn from all of the Greenwald and Snowden disclosures.

The millionaires and billionaires don’t want to give money because now all of their hookers, PACS, Goldman Sachs manipulations, Flash Boy stock market rigging, secret HSBC bank accounts and emails go on public record thanks to the Sunshine people, Center for Investigative Reporting, ProPublica, etc. disclosures. “Give money to DNC: get outed” is not a concept they can live with.

So… it’s back to the unions for the DNC. Unions don’t have any billionaires left, though.

The GOP always derides the “big Hollywood Jews” that fund the DNC. The Sony leaks named them by name and revealed their process. Some of the Hollywood studios have just gone belly up. The Hollywood part of the stock market just crashed. They cannot count on much cash from Hollywood this time around.

The little stock market crash that China created the other day, hit the NASDAQ, as well as the other stocks. NASDAQ equals Silicon Valley tech companies. It put the fear of god into the Silicon Valley billionaires and now they are thinking…”hmmm. I better hang on to my cash.. This stock market crash business could wipe me out.”

On top of that, the disclosure that most of Silicon Valley makes its money off of privacy abuse and data harvesting made much of the world stop using Silicon Valley’s hardware and software. The Age of Transparency has cut off Silicon Valley’s cash flow and killed their brand. They are hurting for money and it is about the worst time ever to go knocking on their door.

The DNC had this trick of giving tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to Silicon Valley guys like John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, and Elon Musk so they could turn around and “donate” it right back to the DNC. It was a kickback scheme. A brilliant one, but a crime using tax payer money none-the-less. That plan has been found out. The GOP has a ton of booby traps that they have now laid, in the path of the parts of that that still exist, and any new attempts to try it in a different flavor.

So, with all of this cluster-puck in the DNC scheme of things. How are they going to pull the cash challenge off?

According to polls, the public does not like, or trust Hillary, so asking the public to, essentially crowd fund her, might not fly.

What is the DNC going to do?