There Actually “IS” A Conspiracy To Keep Electric Cars From Happening and You will Never Guess Who is Doing It!

There Actually “IS” A Conspiracy To Keep Electric Cars From Happening and You will Never Guess Who is Doing It!


Electric car blockades, by various shadowy groups, has been the fodder of many a long discussion at college campus economics clubs.

Now comes, not only, a theory, but an actual shadowy force that is now visible to all. The facts, proving the identity of this entity, thanks to the internet, can now be checked and validated by anyone who cares to do the reading.

Let’s take a look.

The latest electric car re-emergence began in 2008. The federal government announced that it was going to give, any American company, some cash to roll electric cars into full production. The law, called “Section 136”, was created by a cartel of Silicon Valley billionaires along with another cartel of the Detroit Big 3.

At this point, you might think that we are going to name one of those two groups as the shadowy force. Nope!

Those two, above, actually, really do high crimes in big government, and, indeed, they may other monopoly and industrial sabotage programs underway. They are not the subject of this article.

So this money appeared, for electric cars. For the first time in history, it was enough money to actually get many car companies going. A Senator Bingaman saw that it was rigged for a only a few and added some changes to the law that expanded who could use it.

Detroit wigged-out and tried to kill the act when they realized that anybody could get the money. There was lots of late night Senate tug-of-rope, trying to delete it, put it back, delete it. The law and the funding survived, twenty five billion dollars of innovation funding was just sitting there.

So, a handful of insiders got some of the money. Then, a few of those insiders, sabotaged every single other company that was applying for that money.

One party, in particular, spied on every competitor. Hacked the competitors. Put moles, that worked for him, into the competitors companies and sabotaged them from within.

He ordered his, bought and paid for, Senators: Harry Reid and Dianne Feinstein, to assist in the sabotage, federal cut-offs and leverage of federal agencies in order to make sure that he, and only he, got the cash.

Who is this person who many have described as a sociopath? Who is this egotistical madman?

Could it be…none other than… Elon Musk?

What is the proof?

You can see the published articles about how Musk regularly spies on his staff and others.

You can read the, court recorded, documents from many fraud lawsuits against Musk by past partners, founders, employees, suppliers, families of the dead, investors, wives, and others; in which his moral character and control-freak mannerisms are intimately described.

You can read federal disclosure documents which track the cash trail from Musk to politician to banker to insider.

You can look at investigation studies by Judicial Watch, Cause of Action, and other public service law groups.

You can look at the investigation documents from the Inspector General.

You can look at all of the documents that his company supplied to the Department of Energy: THE ACTUAL DOCUMENTS. You can then lay those documents next to all of the documents that the companies he sabotaged also submitted to the Department of Energy. That proof, alone, is irrefutable.

There are massive amounts of additional items that prove that this person did these things.

Musk spends tens of millions of dollars getting his partners at Google, and offshore Troll Farms, to hide any news about what a dirty rat he is. At the same time, he spends even more cash trying to make himself look like Jesus 2.0. He has armed himself with multiple PR agencies, and full time blog writers ,who exist to advance “the glory of Elon Musk”.

The emperor’s new clothes are wearing thin, though.

Aptera, Brammo, Sparrow, XP, Elio, EcoMotors, ZAP, and nearly a hundred other car companies, suffered malicious, targeted, damage in their Section 136 funding attempts, because of Elon Musk and his sabotage program.

Musk even sabotaged his own company, Tesla Motors, in order to do a hostile take-over of Tesla from the ACTUAL founder Martin Eberhardt. Elon Musk NEVER started Tesla Motors! He took it away from those who did.

Musk hates competitors in Solar, Rockets and cars. Take a look at what happened to Gary D. Conley who tried to compete with Musk in BOTH Solar and cars.

Martin Eberhardt had to sign epic secrecy documents, in order to settle with the taxpayer funded Musk. But, if you look carefully, you can find old blog postings, from back in the day, from Eberhardt, and other senior Tesla staff, (many of whom have sued Musk) which refer to Musk as a ‘Lying Scumbag Manipulator’.

Can’t find any affordable electric cars? Thank Elon Musk. He is the person most responsible for sabotaging the modern electric car industry, for everybody, except himself.